DOTS (Digital Optimisation Transformation Services) 3 by 7 Concepts define as the integration of 7 Steps of Engagement Model, Enabling Tools and 7 Pillars of services execution approach with the guidance of 3 Key Indicators, 3 Infiltration Target and 3 Output Channel.

The Mechanism

The realization of our Big Data vision is the product suite, branded as BA3, which has been designed to handle the complexities of Big Data with a view to fast, efficient and reliable processing and generation of business insights. The product suite has been on an excellent track record in various project undertakings across a wide range of industries; be it in the Government, Telco, Agriculture, Logistics, Healthcare, Automotive, and so on. It is a home grown product developed by the best experienced employees and is run by experienced key personals who have established themselves in the Asia-Pacific market working with many top organizations and clients worldwide.

What We Offer

DOTS offer consultation service on the 7 STEP OF ENGAGEMENT MODEL in a command center. Development and maintenance of 7 ENABLING TOOLS for task execution known as WINSMART and delivering 7 PILLARS of service execution

The 7-Core Operational Pillars

The Win Platform